How do I get started?

You can get started by opening a live trading account or a demo account. After this has been completed, we will assist with installing the EA into your platform.

How can i install an EA?

We have prepared a short illustrated manual, you may access it by clicking here.

How do I monitor my EA on Windows/MacOS?

When you first open MetaTrader 4, you will receive a prompt to select a trading server, proceed as follows:

1. Click “Cancel” and the login screen will appear
2. Enter the Login and Password you received in your email
3. Select the server name as provided in your login details
4. Click “Login”

(To use Metatrader 4 on a Mac, you can download a free PlayOnMac app here.)

How do I monitor my EA on Android/iOS?

Android: After launching MetaTrader 4 Android, you will be offered the following options:

– Start without registration
– Open a personal demo account
– Login to an existing account

Proceed as follows:

1. Choose “Login to an existing account”
2. Select the server name as provided in your login details
3. Enter the login and password you received in your email
4. Click “Sign in”

iOS: Run the app. You will be given two options:

– Login with existing account
– Open a new demo account

Proceed as follows:

1. Choose “Login with existing account”
2. Select the server name as provided in your login details
3. Enter the login and password you received in your email
4. Click “Sign in”

How can i open a live account?

Once you decide to open live account, go to Live Account button in our main menu.

How do I fund my live account?

After your account has been approved, you can login to the clients portal of our brokers where you can select many funding methods.

With so many to choose from, why use BRF robots?

On the internet you are able to find over 100.000 Forex Robots or Indicators. Most of these cater to the false ’Get Rich Quick’ philosophy. They are usually unsupported, are never updated or are no longer available. We believe in the responsible combination of robots and consistent human monitoring with updates according to current market conditions.

Will this make me rich?

No. An EA is used to improve or supplement your manual trading or investment portfolio, not to bet on huge profits. We concentrate mostly on money management parameters. We strongly believe that robots help to improve trading activities, however robots have flaws too. That is why the Best Robots Forex team is constantly working on adjusting parameters for optimum performance.

How much does it all cost?

Our Expert Advisors, Trials and Technical Support are free. We receive a 1 pip markup per round trade in agreement with our partner brokers, which is incorporated into the spread.

Will I be able to test an EA on a demo account?

Yes, BRF provides you with the opportunity to trial any algorithm until you are ready to open a live account. All trials run with virtual currency in real market conditions.

Should I test in a demo or live account?

Ideally, an EA should be tested in a live account. There is no difference in a demo or live EA, but there can be a slight difference in data feed between a demo and a live server with the broker. This delay can influence the results.

What is the minimum account size?

This depends on the robot’s parameters, accounts start with $500. However, larger accounts have better capacity to withstand sudden and larger market moves.

Can I change the parameters after I’ve gone live?

Yes. You can contact our support desk at any time so that we can assist you in adjusting the parameters to your preference.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes, you can switch an EA on or off at any given time. Also during volatile market sessions it can be wise to switch your EA off.

Can I run an EA on my Mac?

Yes. Our Expert Advisors are MacOS compatible.

Do I need to leave my computer permanently on when using an automated trading system?

Yes. When you switch off the computer you will also switch off the EA. To prevent this you can choose to use a Virtual Private Server, which our partner broker provides for free if the trading volume meets the requirements. On accounts with smaller trading volume, we can assist you with setting up your own VPS with recommended providers.

Do you back-test your Expert Advisors?


What can I expect from BRF Support?

BRF is a product-based company. We build algorithmic software based on the battle-tested experience and knowledge base of veteran trading professionals. Our Development Team is constantly monitoring and updating our products to ensure optimal results. Any updates to our software are implemented for you and does not require any action on your part.

We do not offer financial advice. All our support pertains to the acquisition, use and maintenance of our software and is available through facilities directly from our website, by phone, by email and through Skype.

Our support team is available to you 24/5; Monday through Friday.